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February 13, 2024

Since 2020, telehealth has evolved from a necessity to a modern healthcare model. Rather than be limited to doctor’s offices and schedules, patients can enjoy the flexibility of on-demand healthcare from the comfort of home. Telehealth functions much like traditional healthcare, including how it’s paid for with health insurance policies.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the act of receiving healthcare remotely. You can chat, text, or meet virtually with a physician to discuss your symptoms, receive treatment recommendations, and even be given prescriptions for medications.

Telehealth takes place on secure, private healthcare platforms that ensure you are given the same level of privacy you would receive in a public healthcare setting.

In addition to physical healthcare, medical consultations, screenings, and check-ups, telehealth can also provide treatment for mental health struggles. Virtual therapy is a form of telehealth that provides clinical counseling from the comfort of your own home.

Importance of Telehealth Coverage

Telehealth expands patients’ access to healthcare and allows for continuous remote care when managing chronic disease. Rather than needing to visit the doctor’s office a few times a week or multiple times each month, many patients can instead check in with their doctors or specialists via video chat.

Those who do not have access to transportation or a schedule that does not allow them to visit doctor’s offices can use telehealth as a reliable alternative to in-person visits. Telehealth can also save you time and money on healthcare.

Telehealth coverage is also important because it ensures people always have access to healthcare when they need it. Because many doctors offer same-day telehealth appointments, you can easily schedule a call whenever you notice symptoms or have questions.

Telehealth Insurance Coverage in Florida

Telehealth can be included in private, public, and government-funded health insurance plans. Exact coverage limits vary by provider, as well as the type of telehealth services you are seeking. As telehealth services continue to expand, more providers in Florida are increasing coverage to provide people with the widest possible access to healthcare.

Telehealth Coverage in Health Insurance Plans

Telehealth Consultations

Consultations allow you to remotely connect with a physician and discuss any symptoms or needs you have. Most insurance plans in Florida now cover remote consultations, allowing you to seek medical advice, receive diagnoses, and discuss treatment options online with your doctor or a specialist.

Remote Monitoring and Digital Health

Remote monitoring is an innovative solution to chronic care management. Patients are able to remotely send information to providers, or wearable devices can collect information and send them directly to physicians. This allows for real-time monitoring that leads to faster interventions and more effective treatments.

Preventive Care

Preventive care usually involves an annual physical, but telehealth can also include some screenings and check-ups that are done remotely. The long-term approach to preventive care through telehealth makes it easier to reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

Florida-Specific Telehealth Regulations

There are specific telehealth regulations that people have to follow in order to protect patients’ private health information. These regulations also provide direction on what services can be offered virtually, how they are reimbursed, and how patient data must be filed and stored.

All healthcare facilities in Florida have to follow HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This federal law outlines how medical offices must handle patient information and prohibits them from sharing any health data without a person’s knowledge or consent.

Choosing an Insurance Plan with Telehealth Coverage

When you’re planning to sign up for health insurance, consider the telehealth coverage options of every provider. Even if you do not need to see a doctor often, having coverage for telehealth can be an added convenience that allows you to access high-quality healthcare whenever you need it.

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